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The Wild Heart High Spirit retreat program aims to take you on a journey deep inside yourself. We combine nourishing meals, inspiring cooking classes and nutrition workshops with movement and mindfulness, set in the natural beauty of Ibiza. This week will bring relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation to all levels of your being.

Rediscover the joy of being in your body, connect with your food, and find the inspiration to ignite you on your own health journey! Learn new skills to take home with you, and feel empowered moving forward in your life beyond our week together.

Choose between September 5-10, 2017 and September 17-23, 2017

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Your Guides

Sarah Britton, Holistic Nutritionist, Whole Foods Chef and founder of My New Roots offers a comprehensive culinary program which covers both basics and deeper nutrition issues with workshops and hands-on teachings. Her recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and designed to inspire and educate first-time cooks and knowledgeable foodies alike.

Mikkala Marilyn Kissi, founder of Living Yolates – a holistic training program combining Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Dance Connect with your body and spirit in these totally unique, sessions that break the rules of a traditional class. Strengthen the body, increase flexibility and open up to a greater sense of freedom and love for your entire being!

The Location

Nestled in the hills of the Saint Augustin valley, Ibiza, lays the peaceful and historic finca, Chettinad. This beautifully restored, 400-year-old residence combines traditional Spanish architecture with modern comforts, all in sun-drenched splendor.

Enjoy yoga twice a day in the spectacular geodesic dome overlooking the valley below. Indulge in an Ayurvedic massage under the olives trees, take a walk around the beautiful grounds, or simply unwind by the pool with your favourite book.

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The Food

Each meal at the retreat is a true celebration! Sarah Britton's approach to food is creative, fresh and vibrant, and her passion is bringing out the natural flavours in food, while preserving their precious nutrients. Meals at the retreat will be prepared by local plant-based chef Delores Wielzen. Her menu, inspired by My New Roots recipes, will be completely vegetarian with plenty of raw, vegan and gluten-free options to suit all dietary needs. Local, and organic ingredients will be used whenever possible. We will dine outside in dappled sunlight, serenaded by the soothing sounds of wild Ibiza!

Living Yolates

Living Yolates is a holistic form of exercise that combines the best of three worlds: yoga, pilates, and dance. Yoga for inner peace, strength, and balance; pilates to strengthen all core muscles; and dance for pure joy and boosting your energy. So much more than a way to work out, Living Yolates is a mindset and a lifestyle - a constant practice of letting go of negative energy such as anxiety, low self-esteem, tension, and limitations, and instead opens you up to the feeling of trust, accepting who you are, and brings you into the beauty of the present moment. In this way, the body becomes strong and flexible, while you are also working with yourself on a deeper level. Living Yolates leaves you with feeling empowered, free, and full of self-love.

Retreat Package

Your week includes...
3 Cooking classes
3 Nutrition lectures / workshops
4 Living Yolates sessions
3 Dancing Yolates sessions
6 Restorative Yolates sessions
5 or 6 nights accommodation
3 fresh, vegan / vegetarian meals a day
Juices and non-alcoholic drinks

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Daily Schedule

We start each day with an energizing Living Yolates or Dancing Yolates session with Mikkala, followed by a nourishing breakfast, and a cooking class or nutrition workshop with Sarah. After lunch there is free time to rest, receive a massage, enjoy the pool, or take a walk.

The afternoon offers a second Yolates class geared towards relaxation, followed by a relaxed dinner, and an optional evening activity. 

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Accomodation & Rates

Week 1: September 5-10 (6 days)
Double room (shared bathroom): 3150 EUR
Double (own bathroom): 3200 EUR
Suite (Double, own bathroom): 3350 EUR
Single (shared bathroom): 3400 EUR

Week 2: September 17-23 (7 days)
Double room (shared bathroom): 3300 EUR
Double (own bathroom): 3400 EUR
Suite (Double, own bathroom): 3600 EUR
Single (shared bathroom): 3650 EUR

Please note that the retreat is limited to 12 participants per week.

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